Our Products

Our vast industrial experiences acts as Leverage and have engaged ourselves in designing and manufacturing a qualitative range of high tension products like- Isolators, Drop out fuse. Link Switch, Knife switch and other substation equipments. These high tension equipments find application in various power generation/ distribution fields. Our range of high tension equipments are manufactured, using the finest grade raw materials that we procure from the most trusted and certified vendors in the market. These raw materials are greatly acclaimed by our reputed clients for its features like superior quality, durability, and resistance to different climate conditions.

Our range includes:

1. 11 KV to 245 KV Air Break Isolator /Disconnectors (Manual /Motor / Pneumatic Operated)
2.  Drop Out Fuse / H.G. Fuse ranging from 11 KV to 33 KV.
3.  Link Switch ranging from 11 KV to 33 KV
4.  Indoor panel mounted Isolator (11 to 33KV).
5.  Substation equipments.

Center Break type Isolator 145 & 245 KV

The single center break isolator (disconnectors) is provided with high pressure hand shake type contact arrangement with provision for one or two Earthing switches as per client site requirement. The Isolator and earth switch can be manual / motorized operated.






Double Break Rotating Turn-Twist Type Isolator

The double break center post rotating type Isolator provided with pressure reliving type fixed contact and Turn-twist type moving contact for outdoor application. The isolator can be mechanically or electrically gang operated normal type and also for Tandem designe application. The available Voltage, ranging from 11kv to 245kv with continuous   Current carrying capacity: - 400, 630, 800, 1250, 1600, 2000/2500 amp. The isolator is designed to suit substations and distribution network, where the system stability.


Fixed Contact Jaw Assembly

Fixed contact jaw assembly for double rotating turn twist type isolator. Current rating range from 400 A to 3000Amps. The contacts have provision to align easily at site. Application:- The Rotating Isolator is a triple pole double break /Single break isolator, which is mechanically or electrically gang operated and designed for any kind of demanding outdoor application. It is ideal to suit overhead systems, used in high density urban situations or high load centers, where the load is much higher and the situation calls for enhanced and stable quality supply. The key function of the isolator is to segregate the Transformer, Overhead lines, System or Cables from distribution network. Construction:- The rotating isolators have a triple pole construction, makes it perfect to be used in horizontal upright mounting. Each pole consist of galvanized steel base, solid core or post type insulators of premium quality, EC grade copper fixed and moving contacts. G.I. coupling pipe of sufficient length for rotating operation, required length                 




Center Post Rotating Type Double Break Isolator Center Break Type Isolator

The Center break Isolator (Disconnectors) is provided with hand shake type contact arrangement. The two end insulators stack of each phase rotate. Single or double Earthing Swathes can be provided as per client site requirement


Type & Ratings of Air Break Isolator

Out Door Isolator Installation

GW7 series Isolator switch (disconnectors) are outdoor 3-phase high voltage equipment. They are used to change over power circuit and electrically isolate the repaired equipment under no-load condition. GW7 are type of 3 poles double break center post rotating / Single center break and horizontal upright mounting.


Technical specification:

Outdoor, double break, with or without earthing switch with steel structure: 
Rated voltage: 11,33,66,132 & 220KV 
Highest system voltage: 12,36,72.5,145 & 245KV 
Frequency: 50Hz 
Creepage distance: 25 / 31.5mm per KV 
Rated current: 400A to 2500A 
Rated short time current: 25 to 40KA for 1 or 3 Sec 
Terminal: Line isolator / Bus bar isolator 
Operating mechanical: Manual & Motor
Complete with all electrical & mechanical interlocking




Pneumatically Operated Isolator-Indoor

11 /33KV, 800A to 2500A rated current, Indoor design pneumatically operated Isolator, generally used for operating Arc Furnace.